Okinawa wants more entrepreneurs! | STARTUP LAB LAGOON


Okinawa wants more entrepreneurs!


Thinking about starting a business in Okinawa? We can help!

Startup Lab Lagoon supports those who wants to start your business in Okinawa.

We assists you starting your business.

Startup Lab Lagoon (or, we simply call as “Lagoon,”) is owned by Okinawa City. We are aiming to shape new economy and startup community in the city by assisting starting up businesses, providing workspaces, equipments, lectures and events.

What We Do

We have at least one english speaking staff a day.
Feel free to visit and talk to us!


We will listen to your idea and introduce suitable programs, support system and people who might be able to help you. We have experienced staffs in small businesses including ICT related startups, food business, accommodation business, and so on. Please talk to us to brush up your business plans, get inspired and get a little help from others.

-Events and Workshops

Information and network is the key to the success, especially you are new to the city or the area of interest. By joining our events and workshops might help you to expand your idea and local supports. Programming school is also provided (Japanese only).


The first floor of our facility is free to use as a co-working space*. Please drop in anytime you want to get your tasks done. Feel free to talk to our staff for your updates, or our updates. The more engaged, the more involved.
*Open 1pm-9pm. Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Please follow our social media to keep up with us!
Twitter: @Lagoonkoza
Instagram: @startuplablagoon